the human brain

How does the brain function?

The human brain is just 2% of the weight of the whole body but uses an amazing 20% of the body's energy. Not only does it consume this energy but a fifth of the oxygen from every breath you take is used by it. The brain divides incoming information and sorts it by how long it should be stored. Information needed for only a couple seconds is gathered and stored in the sensory memory. After that, the information is either deleted or sent on to to the short-term or working memory where it typically remains 30 seconds. Then, it is moved to long-term memory where the information is stored. The brain holds two types of long term memory. Procedural memory is the memory of actions and habit, long formed through training, you rely on it without noticing. Declarative memory is the domain of the mind, of names, of words and experiences.

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How does brain training work?

Your brain is a complex living computer, it is a world of more than 100 billion nerve cells. Laid end to end they would reach the length of 1.5 million football pitches and would circle the earth 4 and a half times. Each brain cell or neuron is connected to the others around it in vastly complex ways. Each neuron can form several thousand connections to other neurons. These connections formed between neurons are called synapses and they play a role in speeding up the signals your brain cells send. Uniquely amongst all the cells in the human body neurons do not divide, nor do they die to be replaced by new neurons. The neurons you are born with have to last your whole lifetime, but you can with training make them better connected and the connections stronger. Just like opening another lane on a freeway your brain can increase its speed and keep the same number of junctions.

Why train your brain?

Scientists have long thought that as the cells in the brain, neurons do not divide there would be no way to increase the power of the mind beyond the gifts you were given at birth. However, scientists have established recently that the brain is capable of rewiring in better and stronger ways. Our reliance on modern technology in our daily lives keeps us plugged in, but are we switched on? You can keep your brain healthy and active by continuing to stimulate your synapses. This stimulation will reinforce the connections between neurons making your brain faster and more capable. Doing this also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the active neurons keeping the brain healthier for longer.

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